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Easy assembly: For example, you can assemble a model 66 core kit in less than ½ day thanks to a simple system consisting of archstones and a keystone (assembly time does not include construction of the foundation, veneer or chimney).

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Le Panyol Wood Fired Ovens

Le Panyol Professional ovens are cooking ovens made from the finest refractory earthenware. In keeping with the long tradition of wood ovens, they are entirely built from “Terre Blanche” quarried in Larnage, France.

What makes Le Panyol Special

  • Rapid rise in temperature (reaches 400°C/752˚F in 1 hour)
  • Sustained baking capability of over 6 hours
  • Perfect combustion
  • Low fuel consumption (4 - 5 of wood is enough to reach a temperature of 400°C)
  • Health tested & certified “Food Safe” (certified Category 3*** by European directive n°84-500)
  • Available as DIY kits or fully installed by Cottage Fires your local distributor

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100% Natural - Earth, wood, fire . . .The principle
The operation of the « Le Panyol » oven, quick and economical, is perfectly suitable for either home or professional use.

4 to 8 kg of wood is sufficient for reaching a temperature of 400°C (for the 66, 83 and 66x99 models) within about 1 hour and 30 minutes of combustion.

Because of the shape of the vault and the proportions of the opening, the air enters through the bottom of the inlet and circulates naturally, ensuring perfect combustion, while the smoke is expelled through the top (Figure 1).

The heat accumulates in the large mass of refractory fired clay, the efficiency optimised by the shape and thickness of the parts (Figure 2).

Once up to temperature, the « Le Panyol » oven renders the accumulated heat by radiation.

Over several hours, the food is evenly cooked by the accumulated and rendered heat (Figure 3).

The simplicity of true pleasures

enjoy the warmth of a natural kitchen.

Supervise heating: put food in and take it out at just the right moment, watch your pizzas cook, become an expert baker.

Respect the environment by using a natural renewable fuel.

Regain quality of life by taking the time to do things properly and to share them.

Le Panyol Wood Fired Ovens - models in the rangeModel 66 >
Ideal for home use

The Le Panyol Model 66 residential wood fired oven is the choice of home bakers and gourmets, with a modest footprint for ease of integration into any kitchen, deck, backyard or patio. £1700

Model 66x99 >
ideal for traditional artisan bread makers

A variation of the Le Panyol Model 83, featuring an identical cooking surface in a slightly different configuration. An oblong wood fired oven in the style preferred by many traditional artisan bread bakers. £1950

Model 83 >
ideal for larger families

The Le Panyol Model 83 is an ideal wood burning pizza oven for your home, featuring additional capacity and hearth space for larger families or those with a taste for entertaining. Once up to temperature, pizzas can cook within 2-3 minutes in a Le Panyol, meaning effortless wood fired pizza party production! £2100

Model 100 >
Oven for serious bakers and entertainers

The serious oven for serious bakers and entertainers. Multiple rounds of bread and multi-course meals are no problem in Le Panyol’s largest domestic wood fired baking oven. The keystone in the outdoor kitchen of your dreams! £3000

Model 120 >
ideal for pizza restaurants and large community

The Le Panyol Model 120 is a versatile professional grade wood fired oven that excels in smaller commercial spaces the tool of the trade for chefs, pizzaiolo and artisan bakers alike. £3700

Model 180 >
Perfect size for a small bakery and large restaurant. Price on Application.

Model 250 >
Perfect for larger professional bakeries.
Price on Application.

Provence >
Le Panyol Provence marks the inception of a new standard in culinary creativity.
In Provence, innovation pairs elegant styling with the grace of France’s greatest culinary tradition. At its core lies a piece of France itself — the wholly unique, 100% organic “Terre Blanche” hand-crafted wood fired oven.
Price on Application.

Le Panyol Square Wooden Pizza PeelAccessories for the installation include: Tiles, Bricks, Doors and Smoke Throats.

Accessories for use of Le Panyol ovens include the highest quality peels, hearth brushes and ash rakes.

Le Panyol Accessories >

Installation of Le Panyol Wood Fired OvensDemonstration Ovens at Cottage Fires
We have two Le Panyol Ovens fully installed and operational at Cottage Fires, please contact us if you would like to arrange a demonstration.

Easy assembly
For example, you can assemble a model 66 core kit in less than ½ day thanks to a simple system consisting of archstones and a keystone (assembly time does not include construction of the foundation, veneer or chimney).
Le Panyol Ovens - Installation >

How long will the ovens last for?
The key to a long lasting wood fired oven is to make sure the core-oven is well protected from the elements, a surround or housing that is fully weather-proof will mean decades of use from your oven.

What is the housing for the Oven?
This is a key element, every oven needs to have a structure around it to protect it from the elements and increase the insulation, which in turns increases the temperature inside and lowers the amount of fuel needed to create the heat. We have standard designs that are available for you to build yourself or have us build for you. If you have built your own oven why not email the images to us so we can add them to the gallery for others to see?

Can my oven survive the winter?
As long as your oven is correctly installed and the core-oven is well protected from the elements via a surround or housing that is fully weather-proof your oven will need no special treatment during the winter and will cook food just as well, whatever the weather.

Can I have any housing design around my oven?
In a word, yes! A simple image search online brings up many ideas to inspire your unique design, we are also on hand to help and guide you on your proposed design. As long as your housing is waterproof and protects the core-oven from water ingress then you are free to build the surround of your choice.

Can I build the oven myself?
Yes you can, and it’s great fun. We have great assembly instructions to help and guide you, also Cottage Fires are available by email and phone (working hours) to guide you through the install.

Where is the best place for my oven?
Customers generally find they use the oven more than they thought so it’s a good idea to install it somewhere that makes it easy to cook, perhaps near the kitchen, or within an outdoor kitchen so you can cook in the colder months too?

Can the oven be installed indoors?

Yes, Many Le Panyol ovens have been incorporated into houses and used in a daily cooking environment.

What type of wood should I use?
We recommend good quality, untreated, seasoned hardwood logs, the drier the log the hotter the oven will be and you will also find they produce less smoke and ash. The best raw material is Ash, Beech and Oak.

How long does the oven take to heat up?
Le Panyol ovens reach 400°C/752˚F in approx. 1 hour

How can I tell how hot the oven is?
We can supply Infrared thermometers which give an accurate heat reading in different areas of the oven, these are available for purchase on our website.

How long will the oven take to install?
The core oven is very quick to install and can be done in a matter of hours, the time to install the base, surround and housing will vary depending on specifications, complexity and site access.

How do I clean and maintain my oven?

Due to the high temperatures that Le Panyol ovens reach they are largely self cleaning, any bacteria, insects etc will be killed by the high temperatures. There is no need to clean the Terre Blanche base stones, they are often described by the French as magic stones as they do not harbour any tastes or residue from food, quite amazing but true. The only other maintenance is sweeping out the ash after use. (Don’t let those sweepings go to waste; wood ash is high in potassium, a vital nutrient for healthy flower and fruit growth so add these to your plants in the garden, keep some of the wood ash in a sealed, dry container to enrich your soil).

Are there any laws against using the oven because of the smoke?

This is only an issue within Smoke Control Areas, we are working towards Appliance Exemption within Smoke Control Areas and will update this page soon.

Is this a green product?
Le Panyol ovens are sold as fully organic for a reason, the clay used in production (Terre Blanche – White Clay) comes from their own quarry in Lanarge, on the doorstep of Provence, there are no explosives used in quarrying and it is simply cleaned with recycled water, traditional craftsmen sculpt each piece before it is slowly dried in the winds of the Rhone Valley, and later fired to very high temperatures. The factory has recently installed large solar panels to power their equipment.

Where can I find recipes for wood fired ovens?
We have several recipes available for download on the Le Panyol website, Le Panyol also recommend, share and trade some great cooking ideas online.

Do I cook in a dish or tray?
No, for best results your Pizzas and Bread should be cooked directly on the stone floor, meats and fish can be cooked in dishes if preferred but the traditional way is still directly onto the floor, don’t worry about fat and juices from your meat, the magic Terre Blanche floor will not take on any flavours. If you are using ceramics please make sure they are suitable for temperatures around 450°C otherwise these will crack. We will supply you with a stainless steel peel to move your food in and out of the oven.

Can I use my oven all year round?
Yes you can, just be careful when there are very high winds (unless installed as part of an outdoor covered kitchen).

Le Panyol Recipes for outdoor pizza and bakery ovensRecipes include breads, pizzas, tarts and meats.

Visit Le Panyol Website- sample recipes >

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