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Integra Cast Iron Fireplaces

Efficient Eco-friendly Cast-Iron Fireplaces for Your Home.


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Integra Cast Iron Fireplaces

There can be little else more inviting and comforting than the warmth and glow of a real coal fire inside a traditional cast-iron fireplace. The Industrial Revolution launched the robust, practical and stylish cast-iron fireplace and it still remains with us today

The open coal fires of yesteryear, however, were often replaced over the last few decades by inefficient decorative gas coal effect fires. What options do we have in today's greener and more efficient market? Well, we would like to introduce you to the Integra Collection.

Integra is a unique range of quality cast-iron inserts which integrate fully with some of the most efficient gas, solid fuel and electric fires on the market today.

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Anson Black HEThe Anson Integra Full Polish has a contemporary feel about it with its stunning fully polished finish providing a splendid contrast to that of the Athena mantel shown here in black granite.

Anson Black HE
Cast: Anson Integra Black
Mantel: Chelsea Mocha Beige
Hearth: Granite 1448mm x 432mm (57” x 17”)
Gas: Fire HE (High Efficiency) shown
Solid Fuel: Yes – see page 18 (pdf)
Electric: Yes – see page 20 (pdf)

Cast Anson Integra Full Polish
Mantel: Athena Black Granite
Hearth: Granite 1448mm x 432mm (57” x 17”)
Gas: Fire Convector shown
Solid Fuel: Yes – see page 18 (pdf)
Electric: Yes – see page 20 (pdf)
Cast Anson Integra Full Polish Photo >

Download the Integra Collection PDF brochure >

Ahbourne Integra SmallThe Ashbourne Integra is a traditional decorative arched insert with the intricate detail shown in a highlight polish finish. An equally splendid but more discreet look is achieved using a matt black finish. The Ashbourne is shown inside the Verona marble mantel in Italian Carrara (also available in black granite or Crema Marfil beige marble).

Cast Ashbourne Integra Polished
Mantel: Verona Carrara Marble
Hearth: Granite 1448mm x 432mm (57” x 17”)
Gas: Fire Convector shown
Solid Fuel: Yes – see page 18 (pdf)
Electric: Yes – see page 21 (pdf)

Majestic IntegraThe Majestic Integra is a plain matt black insert with a simple polished arched band giving a more discreet and minimalist feel. This casting is shown inside the Flat Victorian Mantel in Turkish Limestone (but also available in Black Granite or Carrara Pure Marble).

The glass fronted HE (High Efficiency)
Engine boasts an impressive output of
4kW with a gross efficiency of 80%.

Cast Majestic Integra Polished
Mantel: Flat Victorian Limestone
Hearth: Granite 1372mm x 381mm (54” x 15”)
Gas: Fire HE (High Efficiency) shown
Solid Fuel: Yes – see page 18 (pdf)
Electric: Yes – see page 20 (pdf)

Ashbourne Integra CombinationThe Ashbourne Combination is similar in size and function to the Majestic Combination but portrays a traditional decorative design on the arches and canopy. This makes the casting look more authentic whilst maintaining its ability to integrate with the most efficient gas fires available.

The Ashbourne is shown in a highlight
polished finish but is also available in an antique graphite or matt black finish.

Cast Ashbourne Combination Polished
Hearth: Granite 1067mm x 381mm (42” x 15”)
Gas Fire: Convector shown
Solid Fuel: Pending
Electric: Pending
Aston Integra SmallThe Aston Integra is another traditional design looking very elegant in an antique finish very similar to the old fashioned black
lead but these days graphite is used.

The Aston is also available in a matt black or highlight polished finish. The handpainted tubeline tiles depict a blue iris flower (other colours and designs are available on p17).
The mantel shown is the Balmoral in solid pine (with an antique finish) and this mantel is also available in solid oak.

Cast Aston Integra Antique
Mantel: Balmoral Solid Pine
Tiles: Oriental Iris (Ivory/Blue)
Hearth: Granite 1372mm x 381mm (54” x 15”)
Gas Fire: Convector shown

Solid Fuel IntegraThe Oxford SF integrates a traditional tiled cast-iron insert with the highly efficient glass fronted Solid Fuel Inset.

Available highlight polished, matt black (shown) or with an antique graphite finish, the Oxford is shown inside the Victorian Corbel mantel in Turkish Limestone and sits upon a beautiful matt black Ciara Slate porcelain tiled hearth which is ideally suited to the rigors of solid fuel.

The Solid Fuel Inset, suitable for wood burning and smokeless fuels, boasts outputs up to 5kW and efficiency levels approaching 78%. There is a Primary Airwash system located below the canopy of the casting which helps to keep the window clean and there is a Secondary Air Regulator which can be adjusted by moving the knob on the firefront door left or right. The door simply clips open or closed with an operating tool.

A hollow in the Integra Outer Fascia (see Assembly page 26) allows access to connect a flue liner (for maximum efficiency and safety) to the spigot or flue outlet.

Cast Oxford SF Integra (shown in photo)
Mantel: Victorian Corbel Limestone
Hearth: Granite 1448mm x 457mm (57” x 18”)
Solid Fuel: SF Inset as shown

The Integra Majestic is also available in Solid Fuel.

Hand Painted Tubeline Tiles & Cast-Iron Sleeves
Tubeline Tiles were traditionally made to withstand the high temperatures generated by a
working fireplace and performed the practical function of reflecting heat into the room when
placed at an angle facing inward.

With a choice of five designs and various colour options, two runs of five tiles make up a set to fit
into an Integra casting. The Luscia and Mediterranean Poppy tile sets include a left and right handed design.

Our tubeline tiles are individually handpainted in the traditional way and will be subject to colour
variation and normal crazing.

Cast-iron Sleeves are an alternative to the more colourful tubeline tiles. Sleeves are supplied in pairs to suit an Integra casting and these are available in a matt black, antique or highlight polished finish. The Art Deco Sleeve design, as shown on page 9, is also available in Full Polish.

Hand Painted Tubeline Tiles & Cast-Iron Sleeves Photo >

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