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DIK Geurts woodburning and multi-fuel stoves and fires brochure

Dik Geurts supplies an extensive
range of robust free-standing stoves.
They are either curved in design,
such as the OlafEA, or have functional
contours like the Lars. Available
with glass window on the front or in
3-sided glass models.

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DIK Geurts Woodburning & Multi-fuel Stoves

Design, warmth and craftsmanship
Dik Geurts has rightly earned a name for itself within the wood burning industry. Quality and ease of use, to name but a few, are also pivotal alongside its characteristic designs. An extensive product range means we have a suitable unit for practically any living space. High efficiency and low emissions help contribute to a better environment.

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DIK Geurts Invar 5 high and low

The Ivar 5 comes in multiple versions. It is also available in wood or multi-fuel models, that can burn coke or coal. These woodburners are ideal for both new-build and installation in existing locations, e.g. under a chimney. The Ivar 5 has a cast iron door that can be easily opened using the removable handle.

Invar5 Store DIK Geurts Woodburning & Multi-fuel stove• Upper and rear chimney connection
• Accessories: external air connection, multi-fuel kit (UK only), flue pipe with adapter Ø 125-130 mm (12 and 100 cm)

Output: 4.9-7 kW
Efficiency: 82,0%
Energy Rating: A+

Ivar 5 StoreEA (right)
This free-standing wood burner is equipped with a cast-iron door with a detachable handle. The extra space under the burner can be used to store logs. The flue can be connected either on the top or the back.

This wood burner is an ideal height for placement under an existing mantle. With an optional heat shield, the wood burner can be placed closer (to 20 cm) to the wall (of combustible material). The ‘cold’ handle is detachable.

Invar 8 Store Woodburning Stove DIK Geurts• Upper and rear chimney connection
• Accessories: external air connection, heat shield (stove and flue), multi-fuel kit for burning multi-fuel/coals (UK only)

Output: 6-10 kW
Efficiency: 76,6%
Energy Rating: A

Ivar 8 StoreEA
A large glass pane and a fantastic capacity are key attributes of the Ivar 8 StoreEA. The sliding air vent ensures optimum fire regulation. An optional heat shield saves on space as the wood burner can be placed even closer to the wall (of combustible material).

Carbon neutral
When you burn wood you are in principle, being carbon neutral. As a tree grows it takes CO2 from the atmosphere. When the tree is cut down and burned this CO2 is released. As intake and emission balance each other out, carbon neutrality occurs. It makes no difference whether the tree is rotting on the ground or is being burned. In both cases the CO2 that’s been stored is released. It is vital that sustainably sourced wood is used, i.e., that for each tree cut down a new one is planted. This maintains the equilibrium.

Energy label
• All Dik Geurts wood stoves are supplied with an energy label
• The label contains an energy efficiency class
• This energy class helps you choose the perfect wood stove

Burning wood can be damaging to the environment if certain conditions aren’t respected. Firstly, a decent fire or stove is required; one that ensures the combustion temperature is as high as possible, resulting in optimum clean burning. Secondly, it’s vital that adequate, dry wood is used. It doesn’t in actual fact make any difference which tree the wood derives from, as long as it isn’t polluted (e.g. with paint residue) and as long as it is well and truly dry. Wet wood results in too low a combustion temperature and a large amount of unnecessary smoke and soot.

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